Membership Privileges

Join now to receive the numerous benefits of being a HAPCO member, including:

  • Eviction Service with professional attorney representation
  • Monthly HAPCO Newsletter containing pertinent information on events/issues that affect property owners
  • Invaluable information on legislation, regulation, etc. that impact our businesses
  • HAPCO Online Forum which discusses current issues/problems facing property owners
  • Discount on paint and related products from Home Depot
  • Automatic enrollment in PROA (Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association)
  • Free admission to general membership meetings featuring public officials, industry experts, and guest speakers covering hot topics and issues in our industry
  • Free or discounted admission to HAPCO special training, educational, and informational seminars held throughout the year
  • Access to “member only” features on HAPCO website
  • Discount online tenant credit/screening reports
  • Free online advertising of properties for rent and for sale

HAPCO Members Pledge

  • To respect the rights of our tenants, in written and oral agreements
  • To uphold the letter and spirit of the law in business dealings
  • To cooperate with City agencies to develop good housing practices
  • To share with other members our business experience & knowledge
  • To share our expertise in public sector programs for the needy
  • To avoid misrepresentation, exaggeration, or concealment in business
  • To be involved in political action
  • To pursue fair private property legislation

HAPCO Code of Ethics