HAPCO: Our Mission, Vision and Values

HAPCO’s Mission

The Homeowners Association of Philadelphia is dedicated to the preservation, expansion and improvement of low to moderate income rental housing, along with market rate rental and investment properties.  HAPCO is also devoted to reversing the spread of blight in the City of Philadelphia. 

HAPCO’s Vision

To make HAPCO the advocate and authority for rental and investment property owners, managers and tenants.

HAPCO’s Values 

HAPCO is resolved to be ethical and honest in our dealings with housing consumers and public and private sector entities.

HAPCO promotes free-market values and believes in fair and reasonable profit and pricing for our members and tenants.

HAPCO pledges utmost adherence to the spirit and letter of the law in business dealings. 

HAPCO resolves to participate in political and legislative action and cooperation with City and State agencies, to develop best and fair housing private property practices.

HAPCO also advocates making government regulation reasonable, in order to continue to make low and moderate income rental properties affordable to tenants and attractive for investment.  

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