In an anticipated move that Hapco Philadelphia vehemently opposed, Philadelphia City Council passed five bills today that will financially hurt Philadelphia landlords. Hapco Philadelphia is planning a legal response. The ordinances provide for an eviction diversion program, temporary eviction relief, the waiving of certain fees, relief to tenants illegally locked out, and payment agreements for tenants with a certified financial hardship related to COVID-19.

Hapco’s First Vice President Victor Pinckney testified prior to the vote, explaining to council the devastating impact on landlords: the ordinances, as written, would take away a tenant’s incentive to pay while the landlords’ mortagages, utilities and tax bills will still come due. Ultimately, some landlords will not survive.

Watch Pinckney’s testimony, the votes on the bills, and responses by bill sponsors Councilmembers Gym, Brooks, and Gauthier.