Hapco Philadelphia Board Members Greg Wertman and Robert Levin appeared on “Investor Schooling” on WPHT radio Sunday to discuss how Philadelphia landlords will be hurt by new city legislation that was recently passed by Philadelphia City Council. Click the link below to watch the interview via Facebook. Their interview starts at approximately 31 minutes into the program.

Are you a landlord in Philadelphia? We are live on WPHT 1210 Radio

Are you a landlord in Philadelphia? Philadelphia just passed the Emergency Housing Protection ActThis unconstitutional law will create havoc for all landlords in Philadelphia.We are here with Greg Wertman and Robert Levin of HAPCO Philadelphia who is suing the city to reverse the ruling. Call us live at 855-939-1137Complimentary Class this Thursday night at 7 www.investorschooling.com

Posted by Larry Steinhouse on Sunday, June 28, 2020