If you’re a rental or investment property owner in Philadelphia, bills being debated at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg affect you. HAPCO and the Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association, PROA, have your back. PROA, our state lobbying arm, comprises fifteen local chapters (of which HAPCO is the largest), representing the interests of 5,500 landlords statewide. Here are just some of the proposed bills we’ve taken on. How important are they to you?

  • Should landlords be prohibited from asking about an applicant’s criminal background?
  • Should rental properties be taxed at a higher rate than others?
  • Should landlords be responsible for a tenant’s unpaid utility bills?
  • Should landlords have the authority to accelerate possession in eviction cases?

Learn more about the bills our Pennsylvania state lawmakers are considering, and get involved.  It all starts with a HAPCO membership. Are there other rental issues impacting you? Let us know!