Are youToday’s housing market is tough! These days, there’s a huge cleft between the selling and buying side and really, the more favorable position may just be the selling side. Still, if you are in the market to purchase, how do you make sure that the seller is not taking advantage of the drought and over pricing? How can you be assured the best deal possible for you time, effort, and money?

Join us on August 17, 2016 for the Philly Riverwards Sub Group Meetup at Front Street Café 1253 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122 from 6:30-8:30PM as our friend Anil Dham from Prosperity Group, LLC teaches us, from his investment experience, the best ways to increase your chances of acquiring a great first investment property! If you are looking for a fix and flip, something to hold, or a multi-family place in this competitive housing market, you need to be here!

Don’t lose out to another buyer, get the information you need to be a real estate success!

For more information, contact Joe Scorese 215-290-5108

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Philly Riverward Sub Group


Front Street Cafe

1253 N Front St, Philadelphia, Pa

Come learn about HAPCO and how we benefit landlords around the city! 

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Carolyn Picture

President Harvey Spear presenting gift to retiring Board Member Carolyn Smith at the May Board meeting.

Carolyn Smith can easily be defined as a woman of faith, job, value and substance. Her dynamic, focused and purposeful 26-year contribution to HAPCO as a board member is proof of that.

Smith always had an eye toward real estate. In her mid 20’s, she told her then fiancé that she wanted to flip houses. At the time, she was working for a major insurance company where she quickly rose in the ranks, eventually taking on a management position. After 18-years with that firm, she was unfortunately laid off.  With her newly acquired free time, she decided that now was when she would go into real estate, as she’d dreamed. She’d begun going to the library daily, reading anything she could get her hands on about the industry for six months. Armed with knowledge, and partnered with a contractor friend, her real estate career began exactly as she envisioned so many years before: buying and selling properties. Eventually, she transitioned from flipping to holding, and became a landlord. She soon learned that the idea of landlords being rich due to their property was often false, as there were varying fees and taxes imposed on them, often making it hard for them to see much profit.

Willie BM

Longtime Board Member & Past President Willie Seward celebrated his 88th birthday at the May Board meeting.

She was invited by Bill Becker to see what HAPCO was about, but he knew that she would make a great board member and brought her with intentions of a successor for his board position. As a board member, she’s made it her mission to aid in strategizing against and fighting the legislation that made it hard for landlords to profit in their business.

She was a member of various committees including the Section 8 Committee where she found the most value and the greatest ability to contribute. Through her time spent there, she was able to help HAPCO effect legislative change in regards to landlords in this area. This was something she found important and realized there were many in the city who were oblivious to their landlord rights and the laws coming that would have a bearing on the way they did business. For this reason, Smith was a great advocate for HAPCO encouraging membership and generally sharing the information that she feels she would not have been able to access without her membership and involvement.

Of the many things that she’d encountered in HAPCO, Smith feels that she will miss the people the most. Though there were often differing opinions that left a room full of people in dissent, she knows that they are all well-intended and feels that she truly left with friends, bound by the common goal of making Philadelphia better fro landlords and those they effect.

As she is sitting at the edge of her HAPCO career, she is proud of the work she has done, and even the fact that she has influenced both her daughter and daughter-in-law to be in real estate. She is most looking forward to the time that she will be spending with her grand children and the future ventures she has planned.

We are grateful for your service and dedication to HAPCO’s mission. You will be greatly missed!

Our guest speaker this month is, Lee M. Shlamowitz, Esq. with LMS Legal LLC.
The discussion will be an overview of defaults and remedies regarding residential leases in Philadelphia County.
Lee will provide an overview of common breaches made by both the landlord and tenant.

Lunch and Learn Classes are FREE to all HAPCO /GPAR/DIG members as a benefit of membership
Please join us: Thursday, June 9th, 2016 12:00 to 1:30 PM

Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtor’s
1341 N. Delaware Ave. Ste 200
Philadelphia, PA 19125

To register, please contact Donna Lepera 215-423-9381 or

In March 2006, the City of Philadelphia passed a law which requires Landlords to obtain a Certificate of Rental Suitability prior to renting their property.

You Cannot Rent or Evict Without the Certificate of Rental Suitability!

To obtain a Certificate go to Under licenses, permits & certificates, click on Rental Suitability or in the search bar type: Suitability and follow the instructions. You will need to have your rental license to apply for the certificate. The rental license number must be entered on the certificate. You will need to print two copies of the certificate, one for the tenant and one for the landlord.

Additionally, when you sign a new lease, you will need to print the city handbook called: Partners for Good Housekeeping. You must give the handbook to your tenant. Make a copy of the front page, have your tenant sign and file with your Lease and Rental Suitability Certificate. To print the Handbook:

Understand if you have rented after the above date and you have not obtained a Rental Suitability Certificate you MUST obtain the certificate at ONCE.

If you print a Certificate when you file an eviction, the Judge may not allow you to collect back rent. If your lease date was prior to the above date, you will still need to print the Rental Suitability Certificate to evict but the judge may allow back rent.

  1. If you sign a new lease you must obtain the Rental Suitability Certificate prior to the signing of the lease.
  2. If you signed a tenant after September 2006, get a Rental Suitability Certificate ASAP.
  3. If you leased prior to September 2006, it is not required, but it is suggested that you obtain
    a Rental Suitability Certificate now. You will still be required to submit a Certificate with your eviction paperwork.

By Jim Sims
HAPCO Board Member