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Presented By: Alexis Miles, owner of Tax Abatement Today, LLC

Sponsor: Joseph V. Scorese, Firstrust Bank
Presented By: Tax Abatement Today, LLC – Alexis Miles – Owner
You will learn how Navigate the Building Permit Process, and discuss Service, Time, and Money in regards to get the process completed correctly.

Please RSVP (No Walk In’s) : Donna LePera | Director of Member Services, Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS®, 215-423-9381 |

Licenses and Inspections Commissioner, Prominent City Council Members
Domb & Green, Home Depot Discount Plan

HAPCO’ S General Membership Meeting will be taking place on Wednesday October 26th at the Courtyard Philadelphia Marriott Hotel, formally the Crowne Plaza. The hotel is located off City Line Avenue at 4100 Presidential Blvd. feature this year will be important presentations by ranking Philadelphia officials. The recently appointed Commissioner of the Department of licenses and inspections, David Perri, will be present to discuss with the membership the current procedures and issues facing the department. Among the various city departments, Licenses and Inspections is critical to the daily functioning of HAPCO members. Philadelphia’s building-related codes regulate the construction industry and set forth the legal responsibilities that come with property ownership. L&I promotes Code compliance through education, consultation, responsiveness to public complaints, building plan reviews, licensing and permitting processes, on-site inspections, and enforcement actions. At all times, L&I’s focus is public safety. It is critical for HAPCO members to be aware of the procedures of the department as to issuance of licenses and enforcement. HAPCO appreciates the appearance by the Commissioner at the general membership meeting and encourages all HAPCO members to attend to hear from the Commissioner, and use the opportunity to ask questions of the Commissioner as to anything related to the functioning of the Philadelphia Department of licenses and inspections.

Also present at the meeting will be to prominent members of the fluffy city Council, Councilman Allan Domb and Councilman Derek Green. While Councilman Domb and Green are relative newcomers to the City Council, each has made a significant mark upon the city in their first term. Councilman Alan Domb is well known to HAPCO members, being a substantial property owner in the city. Prior to his election to the City Council, Councilman Domb had served with HAPCO on the real estate coalition as president of the Greater Philadelphia Board of Realtors. His Chief of Staff, Diane Lucidi, had served as executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Board of Realtors.  The experience of Councilman Domb and his staff in the real estate field is unmatched, as is his knowledge of city finances and issues of taxation. Councilman Domb began working in 1980 in order to create a highly reputable real estate brokerage firm, a firm which today has helped transform Center City.  As a result of his extensive business experience, and involvement in GPAR and as a coalition member with HAPCO, Domb advocated for the rights of private property owners,  and his business skills and advocacy ability made him a successful businessman. He has now brought those significant skills to the chambers of Philadelphia City Council. The Councilman is committed to lowering the poverty rate, collecting delinquent taxes owed to the city, increasing graduation rates, and promoting job growth through the retention of existing business and creation of new businesses by further attracting millennials in the tech and manufacturing industries to Philadelphia.

Councilman Derek Green, likewise in his first term, returns to HAPCO as an elected member of the Philadelphia city Council. His last appearance was as a candidate, and HAPCO is appreciative of his taking the time to join us at the general membership meeting. Before his election, Councilman Green was the Special Counsel to Councilwoman Marian B. Tasco. In this capacity, he proposed and drafted legislation as well as reviewed and monitored local, state, and federal legislation. He also served as counsel to the Philadelphia Gas Commission Chair and the Committees on Finance and Public Health and Human Services and managed various Council hearings and meetings with constituents and executives. Prior to joining the Councilwoman’s office, Councilman Green served as a Deputy City Solicitor in the Housing and Community Development Division of the Corporate Group of the City’s Law Department. As a Deputy City Solicitor, he represented the Offices of Housing and Community Development and Neighborhood Transformation Initiatives, Commerce Department, and Vacant Property Review Committee and annually drafted, negotiated, and reviewed over $100 million in housing and economic development contracts funded by the City, PA Department of Community and Economic Development, and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Metro Philadelphia selected him as one of 6 new young political leaders, and the Philadelphia Daily News named him one of the 10 under 40 rising political stars. Councilman Green and his wife, Sheila, co-founded the first Autism Support Class at Houston Elementary School to help other Autistic children like their son.  To aid other families affected by Autism, they are a top regional fundraiser for Autism Speaks.


The presence of these two important members of the Philadelphia City Council at HAPCO’s general membership meeting is a valuable opportunity for HAPCO members to both hear from the Councilmen as to their present activities and vision for the city, as well as to present comments and questions to the Council Members At Large for them to take back to the city Council on behalf of HAPCO property owners.

Home Depot will be presenting representative Robert Blum, who will make a presentation describing use of the Home Depot discount services for HAPCO members.




Also present at the general membership meeting will be HAPCO legal counsel Darrell M Zaslow, to discuss specific issues as to the future of HAPCO, and HAPCO eviction attorney Ken Baritz, who will be present to discuss and take questions regarding the landlord-tenant eviction services.